The good folks over at Redragonshop have sent me the Castor K631 Pro SE Wireless Green keyboard to review. If smaller keyboards are your thing, then keep reading for the details on this keyboard.

Product Specifications

Dimension/Size: 12.2 x 4.1 inches
Keyboard Weight: 0.47 kg
Switch Type: Custom Switch(Hot Swap)
Keys: 68
Connection: Wired(USB-C)/Bluetooth/2.4Ghz
Extra G Keys: 0
Wrist Support: No
Backlit: RGB
Battery: 1600mAh
Keycap Material: ABS
Cable Length: 6ft/1.8 meters
Height Adjustable: Yes
Software: Yes

What’s In The Box

Redragon K631 Pro SE Keyboard
User Manual
Keycap Puller
Switch Puller
USB-A/C Cable
Redragon Sticker

Build Quality

As is the case with every Redragon product I’ve been sent so far, which is quite a few, build quality is extremely good. There’s no cutting corners or using cheap plastic or other parts for their keyboards. Quality parts along with quality keycaps, switches, cables and anything else that might come in the box. This is something that I’ve always given Redragon credit for, especially considering the cheaper prices that most of their products range from.

Closer Look At The Keyboard

The first thing you’ll notice are the greenish/turquoise key-caps which are located on the far left and right side of the keyboard, as well as 4 keys on the top; numbers 5,6,7 and 8. The enter, shift, function and delete keys are also in the same greenish/turquoise color.

The entire keyboard is encased in a transparent/translucent casing which allows the LED to shine through, which adds character and an unique look. This is something I really love to see on keyboards and have noticed that Redragon is starting to do more of their keyboards like this.

The keyboard comes with hot-swappable custom linear switches which offers quiet operation and a smooth typing experience. You can use the included keycap/switch extraction tool to modify your keyboard to your liking.

The Redragon Castor Pro SE is a 65% keyboard, so it is pretty compact and weighs in at only at 470g. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to take an unique-looking, compact mini keyboard while they’re travelling or just want a smaller keyboard due to lack of a lot of space on their computer desk.

On the left of the keyboard, you’ll find a switch which allows you to select between 2.4GHz wireless, OFF and Bluetooth connectivity. There’s also the USB-C connector for wired connection and 2 LED indicators.

Underneath the keyboard, you’ll find 2 retractable foot mounts for adjusting the angle of the keyboard, and there’s also a magnetic notch for safely storing your wireless USB dongle too!

Battery Life

Let’s talk about the battery and battery life of the Redragon K631 Castor Pro SE if you decide you want to use it without plugging it in via the cable.

The battery is a 1600mAh battery, which to be honest, is kind of small for a keyboard. I’d like to have seen at least an 1850mAh – 2100mAh battery.

With the battery that is included, Redragon says you’ll get 120 hours of battery life if you’re not using the RGB backlighting features. If you choose to use the RGB backlighting features, then they claim you’ll get about 30 hours of battery life.

I’ve had this keyboard now for about 3 – 4 months and I used the RGB backlighting feature constantly at first to really give the battery life a thorough test and my results were right about 26 – 27 hours each time. That was five tests of completely full battery until completely dead.

Without the RGB backlighting features enabled, I got right about 115 hours of battery life, which is very good considering the smaller battery in this absolutely beautiful keyboard.

Redragon K631 Castor Pro Software

Like with most Redragon products, but certainly not all, Redragon has software that you can download from here and use to control the RGB settings as well as setup macros keys, setup profile settings and a bit more. Worth mentioning here is that the Redragon K631 Castor Pro SE allows you to have up to three different profiles which is hugely beneficial if you play different types of games that require you to have pretty different keybinds.

You have all sorts of different variations you can set when it comes to the RGB as that’s something Redragon has always been good about when it comes to all of their products that they allow you to control the RGB features.

Discount Code

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Redragon for allowing me to review this product and others that they have sent over in the past. They have also provided me with a special URL that anyone can use to save a total of 10% off of your entire purchase across their site. So if you’re interested in purchasing the Redragon K631 Castor Pro SE, or any of their products, you can click this link: Save 10% On Your Entire Order. I believe if you don’t click the link, you can always manually input DECRYPTED as the code during check out.

Final Thoughts

As is per the usual when it comes to Redragon products, the K631 Castor Pro SE is another winner of theirs. It’s solid, well built, comes with software that gives you tons of options for RGB features, macros and profiles and it all comes at a cheap price compared to a lot of others at only $71.98. It also comes in three different color combos which are Mint/Black, Mint/White and Red/Black.

Throw in the fact that you can use the code that I mentioned above and you can another 10% off the purchase price that makes the Redragon K613 Castor Pro SE that much more worth it and absolutely more affordable than it already is.

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