Fortnite released it’s Lego collaboration just a couple of weeks ago. What is that you ask? It’s basically Fortnite’s version of Minecraft as it’s a survival game with Lego versions of the skins you own within Fortnite and everything is Lego looking, such as blocks, buildings and everything else.

I’ve been playing since it was released and I have to admit, it’s pretty fun. However, there are several things that I don’t like and several things that are lacking and that’s exactly what I’m going to discuss in this article today.

Some Of The Good Things About Lego Fortnite

Let’s start with the things that I do like about Lego Fortnite though I won’t be discussing all of them in great detail. Mainly because there are a LOT of things I like about Lego Fortnite overall.

First, the game is very cute looking and very well made. The Lego Fortnite skins can be absolutely adorable, though not all skins within Fortnite have a completed Lego version at this time. Epic Games says all skins will eventually be converted over to Lego variants in the future.

Also with regards to skins, it’s nice that any new skin you were to buy within Fortnite will have a Lego version as well. So you’re basically getting two skins for the price of one, since the prices of skins hasn’t increased since Lego Fortnite was introduced.

Second, the game is just relaxing and fun. After all, it’s a survival game so it’s kind of play at your own speed kind of thing, at least that’s how I’ve always done survival games such as Minecraft. You explore, learn new recipes for things that you can build or craft and progress the game.

While you can free build within Lego Fortnite and make what you want, Epic Games has made it to where there are a lot of pre-built templates that you can make. You just need to make sure you have the proper materials and then you actually have to put the pieces into place as it tells what and where to place them. It makes building the basic necessities pretty quick and simple without much thought process or needing the skills to be a builder. That alone is a huge plus for me since I’m not good at building things at all.

Some Of The Bad Things About Lego Fortnite

There’s actually quite a few things that I don’t like or wish would change when it comes to Lego Fortnite. However, I do realize that this is brand new and there have yet to be any major updates to the game as of this writing. Hopefully some of these things that I mention will change in a future update as Epic Games gathers feedback from the players and the community.

Large Map With No Means Of Fast Travel

First and foremost, let me explain that the map to each seed is very large. I can’t emphasize VERY LARGE quite enough here. It’s quite massive in fact. So much so, that I’ve yet to explore the entire map and I’ve been playing since release and do a fair amount of exploring.

I had to travel quite a far distance to finally discover a desert biome and let me tell you, it takes about 20 minutes of in-game walking/running to get from the desert biome back to my starting biome where my village is. That’s not that big of a deal, but when you’re having to go to a biome like this quite often for various resources and materials it can be time consuming.

Unfortunately Lego Fortnite doesn’t have any means of fast travel between biomes, villages, or anything for that matter. If they are going to have a map this large, and they expect you to build villages in the different biomes to unlock different things, or just to have to travel to for materials, then they need to make it a bit easier to get back “home”. Even if you just get me half way back home, that would be great.

Tools Break Easily With No Means Of Repairing Them

My second largest issue or problem with Lego Fortnite is how easily it is for you to break tools such as swords, pick axes, axes, shovels and other similar items. There is little to no durability on these things, even the higher class items such as uncommon(grey), common(green), rare(blue) and epic(purple). Currently, to my knowledge at least, there is no legendary(orange) or mythic(gold) variants within Lego Fortnite.

While I say there is little to no durability on these items, that’s in early game and for quite some time before you manage to get to the point where you can build an enhancement table that lets you put enhancements on weapons and tools. That’s actually considered pretty late game right now. So until then, you have to deal with weapons and tools that will break in no time at all.

Unfortunately Lego Fortnite doesn’t have a “repair” option in the game either, so that makes things even worse as you need to make sure you constantly have materials/resources on hand so that you can keep crafting new tools and weapons as they get close to breaking. To me, this is super frustrating and something that I feel should be at the top of the list of things that needs to be changed and/or fixed.

Inventory Is Too Small And Makes No Sense

Let’s talk inventory, both the inventory of the player itself and the inventory spaces within chests, dressers and other items that allow you to store resources and materials.

Player inventory is simply too damn small. As you can see by the image above, the player inventory count is 24 slots. You also have another 6 slots that are for your active weapon or item, so in essence you can have up to 30 slots. Each slot can hold more than one of the same item, up to a total of 50 per slot for some items. But just 24 slots total is way too little, especially considering the points I made above with regards to no way of fast traveling and no way to repair tools and having to carry multiple of those due to durability issues, especially in the early game.

If/When you go on an adventure, especially like what I was referring to above, that’s 20 in-game minutes away, and then explore a few caves, gather resources and materials along the way there and then within the cave, you’ve pretty much filled up those 24 slots in a hurry.

I personally feel that this needs to be at least double the amount at 48 slots. Or make it an even 50 slots, plus the 6 for the active items in the toolbar. Having just 24 slots isn’t going to do it if Lego Fortnite plans on expanding and being even half of what something like Minecraft is.

The second part of the inventory issue is how stacking of items isn’t consistent across the board when it comes to items. Again, if you look at the photo above, you’ll see that I have put the max items into a few slots to show how this works.

In the image above, from left to right, I have obsidian, amber, copper, rubies and blast core in my inventory slots and each slot is holding the max of each item. What bugs me here is that some items have a max of 50 per stack while some have a max of 30 per stack. And as you can see, it’s not done by rarity either as I have obsidian and blast core which is rare with a stack of 50, but then also have copper and rubies, which are rare, with a max stack count of only 30.

Why is it like this and why is it not consistent all the way across the board. What’s worse is, Epic Games made a server side fix last week to increase max stack counts to 50 on some items, but not all items, for whatever silly reason. Again, this is something that needs to change, even if you make each rarity have its own max stack count. Though personally, I think that’s the wrong way of doing it and everything should have a minimum of max stack count of 50.

The image above is a screenshot showing off the first storage chest that you can craft early in the game, which only costs a few planks I believe. The issue here is, this chest only has 10 slots and again max stack counts vary per item within chests just like they do in the players inventory. There are quite a few resources and materials that you can get very early in the game, that it would take you having to make numerous of these chests to store things due to max count of only 10 slots per chest.

Later in the current end game as I like to call it, there are chests that have 24 slots per chest. But they cost a good bit of epic materials to craft each one, that you have to go farm and store items in smaller chests before you can craft a good amount of them.

Final Thoughts, For Now!

There are many other things about Lego Fortnite that I both like and dislike. I’ll save those for another article as I really want to add to this one at some point in the near future. Especially if Epic Games does finally do a decent update and add, change, remove things within the game. I want to see how those things change the game and if it’s for the better or for the worse.

For now, let me know your thoughts on Lego Fortnite, if you’re playing, and tell me what things you’d like to see changed and why you’d like to see them changed.

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