Last week I decided to start a weekly post to share the music that I’ve been listening and scrobbling over to LastFM for the prior week. This week, I played a lot more music compared to last week, so hopefully there’s more music, tracks and artists for all of you to discover. Let’s jump in and provide all the stats!

Total Tracks Scrobbled

As stated above, this week was a much bigger week for the amount of music I listened to throughout the week compared to last weeks 947 total tracks. I beat that by a whopping 440 tracks for a total of 1,387 tracks scrobbled.

The question here is, what exactly did I listen to during the week and how do we break that all down when it comes to artists and tracks?

With no surprise here again this week, Taylor Swift is the artist I listen to the most. While my playlist is always on shuffle, Taylor just comes up on my playlist more often than any other artist. I expect this will be the case for most all weeks going forward as well.

Last week we also had Rascal Flatts, Linkin Park, Madonna and Lady A as the top five. This week, we switch two of those out and let John Michael Montgomery and Terri Clark into the top five.

You can see the full list of every artist I listened to this past week here: Full List Of Artists Played. Again, as you can see, there is a lot of diversity to what I listened to when it comes to my music.

Last weeks top track was What I’m Talking About by Pop Evil. That changes this week as we have Assault & Batteries by Ice Nine Kills. The complete top five list is as follows since the image above doesn’t show the artists.

  • Assault & Batteries by Ice Nine Kills
  • Time Is Love by Josh Turner
  • Steambreather by Mastodon
  • Monsoons (Violator Mix) by Puscifer
  • Mistress For Christmas by AC/DC

To see the complete list of tracks that I played for the week of June 21st – June 27th, you can click this link here: Full List Of Tracks Played.

For anyone interested in my YouTube Music playlist, click the button below and it’ll take you directly to my YouTube Music playlist of nearly 4,000 songs.

Feel free to follow it, subscribe to it or whatever. Let me know what tracks and artists you’re enjoying from it as well.

Hopefully it’s something y’all enjoy, and what I’d really like is for anyone that has suggestions for new artists in genre’s that I listen to or are similar to, leave a comment below and let me know. I’m always looking to discover new artists and new music whenever I can and what better way than to get input from you!

Simply click the button below to go to my LastFM profile and check out what I’m listening to and maybe you too can discover some great new music.

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