Most everyone wants or needs a set of PC speakers at some point for various things. Some people prefer to have speakers at all times for listening to music or videos while they do the things they do while at their PC’s. RedragonShop offers the Kaidas GS590 speakers that are relatively small so they fit most anywhere, and are at an affordable price.

Kaidas GS590 Features And Specifications

Back Ambient RGB Backlight
2.0 channel stereo speakers
Easy-Access in-line Control Box
Wireless RGB Desktop Speakers
RGB backlight with different effects by touch control
Package Size: 4.57 x 2.91 x 4.21 inches
Item Weight: 1.2 pounds
2.0 Channel Stereo: Yes
3.5mm Mic/Headset Jack: Yes
RGB LED Backlit: Yes
Power Consumption: 3W x 2

Build Quality

The Kaidas GS590 speakers are decently built with regards to the outer shell of the speaker itself. The internals however, can easily be damaged simply because there’s no protective covering over them. The slightest thing bumping into them can and will cause damage so it’s to be noted that you need to be careful of the surroundings of these speakers.

The build quality of the control box is really good. It’s sturdy and not something you have to worry about breaking or anything similar. It’s the box that controls the volume, allows to play/pause sound as well as switch between the different modes the speakers offer.

Sound Quality

The Kaidas GS590 speakers actually have three modes that you can use for playing sound. Bluetooth, Line-In and USB Soundcard modes.

Bluetooth is something I really don’t care much for in any way when it comes to sound related stuff. The Kaidas GS590’s do decently good in this mode and actually have a decently loud sound unlike so many other Bluetooth speakers. Sounds are crisp and clear with little to no static or distortion.

Line-In mode is likely the best mode in my opinion. You don’t get any of the lag you will get with Bluetooth and the sounds are just a bit more crisp and clear and all around sound better long term. Again, sounds can be pretty loud with these speakers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can catch you off-guard if you’re not prepared for how loud they can actually be.

USB Soundcard Mode works pretty much just like Line-In mode works for me. There’s no issues and it just works. Again, sounds can be very loud, so make sure you have your volume turned down a bit before starting your music so you don’t mess up the speakers.


The GS590’s have RGB lighting that you can enable for some extra effects. However, due to the fact that the RGB lighting comes out of the back of the speaker, it’s not super bright, but it’s enough to give off a nice little effect in a dark room. There is a ring around the front of the speaker that you can see the RGB color, but it doesn’t give off much light at all which is perfectly fine. You don’t want that bright light shining in your face the entire time it’s on. So the light coming out of the back of the speaker is actually a good thing in my opinion.

There are on a few modes for you to choose from when it comes to the RGB lighting, but truthfully, you don’t need to have a ton of options here.


When originally launched, I believe the price was $42.99. Now that it’s been a couple of months, the price is now down to $29.99 which makes these speakers that much more worth it as they were already well worth it at the higher price.

Discount Code

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Redragon for allowing me to review this product and others that they have sent over in the past. They have also provided me with a special discount code that anyone can use to save a total of 10% off of your entire purchase across their site. So, if you’re interested in purchasing the Redragon Kaidas GS590 Speakers, you can manually input DECRYPTED as the code during check out and then you should see your 10% discount applied immediately.

Final Thoughts

At the original launch price of $42.99, the Kaidas GS590 speakers were well worth the purchase for a cheaper, price wise, pair of speakers. Now that they are $29.99, it’s definitely something to look at if you’re looking for a set of speakers that are super small, can be portable if you need them to be, and can be placed just about anywhere and be out of the way.

For that small price, you get quality sound, some nice RGB lighting effects and just an overall decent set of speakers.

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