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What I Listened To: June 28th – July 4th

It’s hard to believe that this is already my third week of making this What I Listened To Post. Seems like time is just flying by, which it clearly is. This week, I played a few more tracks compared to last week, so hopefully there’s more music, tracks and artists for all of you to discover. Let’s jump in and provide all the stats!

2 Min Read

Happy 4th Of July To Those That Celebrate

July 4th (also known as Independence Day) is an annual American holiday that falls on, you guessed it, the 4th of July. While you’re thinking of fun 4th of July ideas for this year’s celebration (like planning a trip to see the best fireworks, shopping great sales or sharing meaningful quotes on social media), you may wonder about the 4th of July’s history and its meaning to the USA as a nation.

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My Favorite Nova Launcher Features

Nova Launcher has been around for well over 12 years at this point and has been the number one ranked 3rd party home screen replacement app in the Google Play Store for most of that time. Nova has tons of features that users find useful when it comes to various ways they can customize their home screens and even app drawers.