Most of us are often asked to describe ourselves in a few words or phrases over the course of our lives. It’s a great way for us to let people know what we like, what we do, how we are and other things. So I have decided that I’d make a blog post about it and that I’m going to list five words that describe me and who I am.

I encourage anyone else who reads this blog post to either comment with a few words that you feel describes you best or even make your own blog post and do the same. I’d love to see others that follow me do either so we can all learn a bit about each other. So let’s jump in and get started.


I feel I’m almost always a CHEERFUL person. I’m rarely ever in a bad mood, upset, angry or anything similar. Even if I am, I try my best to never show it publicly.

To me, I feel it’s just a negative in life to not be CHEERFUL, and we already have enough negativity in this world and not being CHEERFUL would just add more negativity that we don’t need.


CONSIDERATE is something I was taught as a kid growing up by both my parents and my grandmother on my dads side, whom I call Nana. It’s simply something that was ingrained into me from day one and it’s something that has stuck with me for the entire 53 years of my life.

I personally feel being CONSIDERATE is much easier than not being CONSIDERATE. Maybe it’s just because it’s been a part of my life all along.

Most people find it very pleasing to hear someone else be or speak in a CONSIDERATE way, such as saying thank you, yes ma’am, yes sir or whatever else. In a lot of ways, this ties into being respectful.


Being PUNCTUAL is another thing that I was taught to be by my dad at an early age as well. He always told me, it’s always good to be early and/or on-time for everything you do as it shows you care about what you are doing or about to do.

I’ve always been PUNCTUAL when it comes to showing up for work, to meet friends or family for dinner or something similar. Not only am I PUNCTUAL, but I’m always PUNCTUAL by quite a bit. By that I mean, when it comes to needing to be somewhere at a certain time, especially when I was working outside of the home, I am/was always 20 – 30 minutes or more earlier than I needed to be. My dad was the same way and it’s something that I’ve always followed his lead in being in the same way.


This one is a bit tricky, simply because it can be both a good thing and a bad thing at times. Being STRAIGHTFORWARD means you often say things directly as you feel or without beating around the bush.

I have always felt that being STRAIGHTFORWARD is the way to go and let’s others know exactly how you feel or what you’re thinking. Again, this can be both a good thing or a bad, just depending on the situation. In a lot of ways, this is very similar to being blunt, which again, can be both good and bad. It’s certainly something that those of us who are STRAIGHTFORWARD often have to explain ourselves a bit more just so people understand correctly what we mean by the things we say.


This is yet another word that I was taught at a very young age, though also expanded on it as I got older. I have always been THOROUGH in everything I do, and even when I speak. Some times it leads to people saying I speak too much or explain things too much. But that’s just who I am and me being THOROUGH.

I guess a lot of it comes from my education, not only in school but by my dad and by my Nana. They were both the same way and it’s something that’s carried on with me over the years. I’d rather explain things more THOROUGHLY than to under explain them and have people not understand or have questions. This is extremely important to me in a work environment.

There are obviously many other words that can and could be used to describe myself, but these are the first five that quickly came to mind when thinking about making this a blog post.

I hope it helps shed some light as to who I am as a person and I’d love to hear a few words that you would use to describe yourself. You can do so via the comments below, or make your own blog post and mention me or link back to this article of mine.

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